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Spruce Creek Fly-In Real Estate

You'll be hard pressed to find a neighborhood as unique as the Spruce Creek Airpark Community. To sum up the experience as simply as possible, look toward the sign on the security gates that lead into the development. "CAUTION: Children and Adults at Play" is the best way to describe the experience in this pilot's dream.

Spruce Creek is the world's largest residential fly-in community. Welcoming thousands of residents and their beloved aircrafts, you'll find a blend of estate homes, hangars, and condominiums for sale in Spruce Creek. The private village boasts an immaculate collection of home sites, many of which are outfitted with private fly-in hangars. Enjoy leading your personal craft down the lit airstrip — the focal point of the development — before gliding right into your driveway.

Many residents also use these spaces to show off their prized car collections. With an assortment of private estates and modest homes spread throughout Spruce Creek, it's safe to say that this is one of the most eclectic selections of properties you'll find.

Security patrols the development 24 hours a day, keeping residents, their families, and their expensive toys safe. There's a variety of community events and social clubs stationed in Spruce Creek Fly-In in an effort to establish a tight-knit environment. You'll find exciting amenities outside of the airport and on-site aircraft repair stations in the community. Golf courses and nature trails help residents appreciate the beauty of life on the land. A collection of restaurants, offices, and commercial enterprises has transformed this area into a self-contained paradise.

Interstate 95 is nearby for those who can't fly to work. Residents are also only minutes away from the Daytona Beach International Airport.

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